How to Fly For Free – A Legitimate Way to Grab That Free Plane Ticket

Getting a free airplane ticket is not impossible. There are numerous ways of getting a free flight, such as collecting air miles points on a frequent flyer program. However as with collecting air miles points, it takes a lot of time to accumulate enough points to redeem that free ticket. Therefore most people lose patience when trying to find that free airplane ticket. That being said, there is a legitimate method to get a free flight almost instantly that many people overlook. That method is the travel as a courier method.

The travel as a courier method is simply representing an airline company to help them personally courier items for them to specified destinations. As compensation for being a courier for them, they will award you with the free flight to the destination (as long as you follow the rules and deliver as per the instructions).

One way to look for companies wanting couriers is to search the internet for websites that provide a middle man service that pairs companies with people willing to be their couriers. Usually these websites will ask you a series of questions, such as where and when you want to fly, so that they can find companies that offer courier opportunities that best match your travel criteria.

That being said, if you choose to be a courier, you must take note that you have to be flexible with your time, as sometimes the travel opportunities are limited, and may not match exactly to your requirements. Therefore to increase the chances of being selected, it is best to be open on your dates so that you can take whatever opportunity that comes along.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that the destination that you are required to go may not exactly match to your intended destination. It may be within the same region, in the same country, or in another city that is a close proximity to where you intend to go. So if you plan on going to your intended destination after your courier mission has finished, you may need to take a connecting transport out.

Lastly you must be prepared to travel light, as most cases these travel as courier programs only allow you to bring carryon baggage onto the flight. Therefore you must select carefully to where you want to go, and judge carefully on how many clothes and other random things you would need to bring on your intended trip.

The travel as a courier method is a very legitimate way to fly for free. Not many people know about this method, so therefore competition is low, but the demand for couriers is high. If you do intend to use this method, the key is to ensure you do your homework thoroughly by researching carefully the various companies offering these courier opportunities.